Office of Teacher Candidacy and Certification

Undergraduate Degree Programs Leading to Initial Teacher Certification

Persons earning an undergraduate teacher education degree meet the requirements for a Louisiana teaching certificate in their area of certification.

Early Childhood Grades Pre-K to 3

Elementary Grades 1-5

Secondary Education Grades 6-12 concentrations:

    • Business Education
    • English Education
    • Mathematics Education
    • Biology Education
    • Social Studies Education

         All levels (K-12):

    •   Health and Physical Education
    • Music Education

Alternate Certification

Professional Studies Master of Arts in Teaching (grades PK-3; grades 1-5; grades 4-8; grades 6-12) online

Practitioner  Teacher Program (PREP) (grades 1-5; grades 4-8; grades 6-12) face-to-face

Non-Master's Alternate Certification Music Education online and face-to-face

Add-On Certification Levels and/or Certification Areas

The Louisiana Department of Education allows certified teachers to add-on certification areas in a variety of ways. Teach Louisiana provides up-to-date information regarding the additional coursework, licensure tests, or additional requirements. NSU offers many courses leading to additional licensure for Louisiana teachers.

Add-On Certification Areas

The University offers additional certification in other content areas. The College of Education, or appropriate department, should be contacted for information.

  • Computer Literacy
  • School Library Service
  • Special Education Mild/Moderate

Teachers of Exceptional Children certifications:

  • Academically Gifted
  • Early Interventionist
  • Educational Diagnostician
  • Mild/Moderate

Administrators, Supervisors, and Special Service Personnel

  • Educational Leader Level 1
  • Educational Technology Leadership
  • Educational Technology Facilitation
  • Guidance Counselor: Counselor K-12 or Ancillary Counselor, K-12
  • Reading Specialist

US Dept of Education Teach Grant