University Diversity Plan

Essential to the mission of Northwestern State University is a commitment by members of the University community to foster an environment for learning and working where there is acceptance of diversity. Engaging in a process involving students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and local supporters of diverse backgrounds, the University has espoused its vision, commitment, and action by developing a Diversity Plan. This plan supports the vision and mission of the University as well as addresses strategic goals established for the University.

The detailed plan in the link at top of the page includes a definition for diversity and the mission statement for the University’s diversity plan. Additionally, the plan was developed around the following annual themes:

Year 1: Leading the Way for a University Diversity Plan
Year 2: Determining the Needs
Year 3: Creating the Climate
Year 4: Recruiting for Diversity
Year 5: Retaining for Diversity

University Diversity Definition

Today members of our University Community are more likely to experience differences among people. Northwestern State University defines diversity as differences in age, gender, religion, language, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, exceptionalities, and geographic background. In our mission to acknowledge our differences, we also hope to realize our commonalities.

University Diversity Mission Statement

The University’s fundamental mission in addressing diversity is to cultivate and nurture diversity as a change agent, and to provide a student-oriented community with opportunities for cultural, intellectual, social, economic, and ethnic development. Recognizing this fundamental purpose, the University fosters an environment that encourages all members to acknowledge, respect, celebrate, accommodate, and learn from the human experience. The university is committed to excellence in recruiting, communicating, and maintaining a community of diverse people, ideas, perspectives, possibilities, and backgrounds.

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