School Partners

The College of Education at Northwestern State University is a public resource providing teaching, research, and service to our community and our state through continuing education and professional development.

Professional Development Schools are innovative institutions formed through partnerships between professional education programs and P-12 schools. The mission involves preparation of candidates, faculty development, inquiry directed at the improvement of practice, and enhanced student learning. Northwestern has two active professional development schools in Natchitoches Parish.

The remainder of the Natchitoches Parish 16 public schools and additional public schools in a 14 parish region serve as a venue for field and clinical placements of initial and advanced candidates. In addition, the College of Education is partnered with public schools across the state and nation for the purpose of providing field and clinical experiences. All school partner sites provide opportunities for teachers and other professional school personnel to participate at three levels of field and clinical experiences, including classroom observations, individual and small group tutoring, and student teaching.