Technology is an integral part of candidate preparation at Northwestern State University and is a part of the College of Education and Human Development’s Conceptual Framework.

Every member of the Unit demonstrates a commitment to technology in every phase of professional life. This commitment is supported by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), which recognizes that educational computing and technology foundations (NETS for Teachers) are essential for all teachers. The Technology Plan sets the stage for the role of technology in Unit activities.

The context for instruction within the College emphasizes field-based experiences and grounding within the world of practice. Recognizing that educational practice increasingly requires skill in the design and use of technological solutions, the College requires of all gcandidates an appropriate level of technological competence.

Because the commitment to technology forms an integral part of the Unit’s Conceptual Framework, Models for Learning, candidates become models for learning both with and about technology and use technology in every phase of their preparation.  Faculty development, provided by both University direction and requested by individual members, focuses on including technology in teaching and learning. Faculty learning with technology includes a faculty committed to the collaborative learning and designed instruction that technology encourages.

Significant institutional investment in PASS-Port, the electronic management system; Blackboard and Moodle instructional support; and an evolving campus network for every instructional site testify to institutional commitment. The implementation of PASS-Port for candidate portfolio and evaluation marks an enhanced commitment to technology as a broad and persistent vehicle for professional development. PASS-Port portfolios permit an interactive, technology-facilitated professional biography for each candidate, richly documented by artifacts of both candidate performance and Unit guidance.