Begining fall 2013, students in COEHD have the option to purchase a Pearson digital library for many of their education textbooks. At one price, students will have access to multiple textbooks required in their program. This can potentially save students money, particularly if they are registered in multiple courses for the semester.

Pearson has divided these text/resources into three libraries: Graduate Pearson digital library (ISBN: 9781269406857); Secondary Ed Pearson digital library (ISBN9781269419864); and Elem Ed Pearson digital library (ISBN: 9781269419871).

The subscription for the digital library is for 6 months and can be purchased through the approved University bookstore Barnes and Noble

Important! Students may purchase the digital library OR buy the textbooks individually. This option may not be noted on the "Textbooks in Use" website. If a student purchases the digital library, this includes all textbooks required for the course. If you purchase the digital library and open it, the purchase is not returnable.

See the below lists of courses with Pearson textbooks within the libraries. This spreadsheet lists books included in the three digital libraries.

GRADUATE Pearson digital library: EDCI 5020; EDSP 5030; EDSP 5040; EDUC 5010; EDUC 5020; EDUC 5890; EPSY 5370; EPSY 5400; EPSY 5490; RDG 5110; RDG 5150; RDG 5250; RDG 5210; RDG 5510; SPED 5510; SPED 5320; SPED 5380; SPED 5970

SECONDARY ED Pearson digital library: EDUC 2020; EDUC 3140; EDUC 3220; EDUC 4010; EPSY 3000; RDG 4080; SPED 3460

ELEM ED Pearson digital library: EDUC 2020; EDUC 3140; EDUC 4080; EDUC 4230; EDUC 4330; EDUC 4430; EDUC 3210; EPSY 3000; RDG 3030; RDG 3040; RDG 3060; SPED 3460